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WILD OATS XI… ROLEX SYDNEY HOBART YACHT RACE 2012 WILD OATS XI: Sixth victory in the Sydney Hobart yacht race and new record!

There is an old French adage that says the best soups are made in the oldest pans...
 Re-launched three weeks prior the Sydney-Hobart yacht race 2012, Wild Oats XI has again become the undisputed winner!

It is interesting to see what kind of change its designers Reichel/Pugh have made particularly on its appendages. In 2011 Investec Loyal (ex-Maximus & then now Ragamuffin Loyal– a 2005 Greg Elliott’s design – defeated it by 2 minutes and 48 seconds but Wild Oats XI wins again this year, on elapsed and corrected time!

Rolex/Carlo Borlenghi 2012 - Wild Oats XI
Note that the second, Ragamuffin Loyal ex-Investec Loyal, dates from 2005 and the third one Lahan (ex-Konica Minolta & Zana) is a 99-foot designed in 2003 by the New-Zealander Brett Bakewell-White – recently optimized for the IRC, a light displacement, fixed keel and reduced draft (4,33 m).

Note that this year the second, Ragamuffin Loyal ex-Investec Loyal, dates from 2005 and the third one Lahan (ex-Konica Minolta & Zana) is a 99-foot designed in 2003 by the New-Zealander Brett Bakewell-White – recently optimized for the IRC, a light displacement with a fixed keel and reduced draft (4,33 m).

Redrawn from many photos, the lines plan shows a hull with slightly rounded bilges, with flaring sides, a narrow waterline (4,10 m) and a depth hull positioned forward the keel. When heeling the waterline uses all the boat length; the wetted surface is reduced but the flaring sides do not have the anti-drift fins role as it happens with more recent hull shapes with hard-chine as Farr’s ICAP Leopard or Juan K’s Rambler 100.

Added in 2012 the forward daggerboard with its thick profile aims to correct the instability when luffing-up or bearing-off on the crest of the waves when downwind sailing. Indeed, with these long light displacements stretched with imposing bowsprits, the downwind sails shift the center of the sail plan far forward. This tends the boat to be slack.

The improvements to the structure and all the boat have allowed saving weight that has been put in the keel.

The vertical winglets behind the bulb replace the classic winglets in an innovative way. The small flat part on the back generates two eddies that are scattered by theses winglets. More! These two wings generate a stabilizing anti-drift fins when the keel is canted to windward.

Between 2007 and 2008, Wild Oats XI was fitted with its two daggerboards forward the mast, sloped by some ten degrees, that corrects the tendency to slide on its upper-works when heeling.

In 2005 Wild Oats XI was a development of Wild Oats IX, a 60-foot launched in 2002 and record holder of the 2003 Sydney-Hobart race, fitted with the same appendages – canting keel and two rudders one as a canard.

Back to the future...

Pilgrim had been designed by Steward & Binney – successors of Edward Burgess three times winner of the America’s Cup in 1885, 1886, 1887 – was a pure steel bulb keel boat fitted with a forward daggerboard.
©François Chevalier - Pilgrim 1893 - Lines and sail plan

Jubilee, drawn by John Paine, was a bulb keel yacht fitted with a complementary daggerboard under the ballast of the keel, an innovation taken up on the first Wally, Wallygator, and a forward daggerboard.
©François Chevalier - Jubilee 1893 - Lines and sail plan


Wild Oats XI

Designer: Reichel/Pugh
Builder: McConaghy, Sydney
Launching date: December 2, 2005
L.O.D.: 30.48 m
L.O.A.: 33.83 m
L.W.L.: 29.70 m
Beam: 5.40 m
Mast height: 44.10 m
Draft: 5.50 m
Displacement: 32 t
Ballast: 14 t
Mainsail area: 382 m2
Jib area: 228 m2
Genoa area: 505 m2
Big spinnaker area: 880 m2

Rambler 100 (ex-Speedboat)

Designer: Juan Kouyoumdjian

Builder: Cookson Boat, Auckland (N-Z)

Launching date: April 17, 2008

L.O.A.: 29.99 m
L.W.L.: 29.99 m

Beam: 7 m

Draft: 5.70 m

Air draught: 46.50 m

Bowsprit: 3.60 m

Displacement: 30,6 tons

Ballast: 15 tons

Additional ballast: 8 tons
Sail area (upwind): 630 m2
Sail area (downwind): 1.340 m2


Unsuccessful defender candidate in the America’s Cup 1893
Designer: Steward & Binney
Builder: Pusey & Jones
Launching date: June 12, 1893
L.O.A: 37.15 m
Beam: 6.96 m

Draft: 6.70 m
Displacement: 90 t
Ballast: 16 t
Sail area (upwind): 953 m2


Unsuccessful defender candidate in the America’s Cup 1893
Designer: John B. Paine
Builder: George Lawley & Son
Launching date: June14, 1893
L.O.A.: 38.18 m
Beam: 6.90 m
Draft: 4.25 / 6.40 m
Displacement: 95 t
Ballast: 25 t
Sail area (upwind): 1063 m2

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