mercredi 22 janvier 2020

AC75 - First Update, January 2020 and the First Test Boat TE KAHU

Original AC75 designs update, 

the first test boat TE KAHU 


the Youth America's Cup design

An important update following our previous post dated December 18, 2019.

The Protocol of the 36th America's Cup, approved by all the parties involved - defender and challengers - allows all the teams to build test boats in order to develop their second and ultimate AC75 before the final competitions and the Cup in early 2021. However, the rule states that the test boat must never exceed 12 metres in overall length. 

© Emirates Team New Zealand

The first of these test yachts has just been launched on Wednesday 22nd January 2020 in Auckland. She has been christened TE KAHU. We'll come back to the new options that Emirates Team New Zealand wants, but it can already be said, as can be seen on the main section
© F Chevalier - Sections
© F Chevalier - Waterline - Wetted surface
and waterline layout, that the boat will be narrow, with a 
V-shaped hull and slim, teardrop-shaped waterline. 

The fact is that the package is not the most aerodynamic, 
compared to the AC75 TE AIHE, and the designers still have 
a lot of work to do in order to reduce wind resistance.

Challengers - First Generation 
Sail plan updated

Defender - First Generation 
Sail plan updated

Regarding the other designs, they have been refreshed compared 
to our first publication. In particular, the decorative design of 
the sails and the profiles have been improved.

And... What about 

the Youth America's Cup design

As François says, "the announcement of the sailboat project 
AC 9F hydrofoil for young sailors immediately gave me the idea 
to move the project forward a little more. So, I took two views 
of a 9 meter hydrofoil scow, for three or four crew members, 
on foils, with a wing mast and a sail going down on deck, with 
a patch effect which we know is very effective, outriggers, 
and a steering bowsprit. Just for the fun of going through 
with a project."

 To be continued...

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  1. Interesting swinging Sprit. I agree this might add to weatherly work and speed.

  2. serait-il possible d'avoir sous un plus grand format, les plans de hugo boss ?