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Mariette and the Herreshoff schooners -  536 pages on the history of this famous schooner and the only fifteen other schooners designed by the “Wizard of Bristol”. 

A surprising discovery! Many passionate writers and personalities have collaborated with Jacques Taglang, the author: Maynard Bray has written the preface; Louis Boudreau, John Lammerts van Bueren, Thomas Eaton, Christopher Gartner, Llewellyn Howland III, Luigi Lang, Claas van der Linde, Erik Pascoli and Charlie Wroe have made important contributions to this book, illustrated with photography by Nigel Pert. 

In a separate folder you will also find large scale drawings of Mariette by François Chevalier, together with thirty five Nathaniel Greene Herreshoff construction drawings and sail plans, never before published! (45 documents)

Publication: English

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DESCRIPTION of the book (slipcase for the book and the hard bound file)
-  536 pages; hard bound cover + dust jacket
- book complete with a separate hard bound file containing 45 documents as:

• Three large Nathanael Herreshoff’s plans of Mariette (construction, interior, sail) – some water colored of Nathanael Greene Herreshoff - folded at the format file (31 cm x 46 cm)
• 35 Nathanael Greene Herreshoff’s plans (construction, interior, sail) – folded at the file format (31 cm x 23 cm)
• 2 Mariette’s portraits chosen by photographer Nigel Pert – at the file format
• 2 reproductions of paintings by English artist Jamie Medlin - Mariette off the Needles andMariette off Saint-Tropez – at the file format
• two large scale plans (lines and sails) designed by Francois Chevalier for modelers, folded at the file format

- Format of the book: : 31 cm/12,2' high, 23,6 cm/9,30' large, 4,9 cm/1,93' thick - 4,370 kg/
- 32 biographies
- 29 Herreshoff schooner data files, besides that of Mariette
- 35 reproductions of the original construction and sail plans selected from the Hart Nautical Collections
- A complete list of the New York Yacht Club One-Design Classes
- The list of Herreshoff’s schooner wins in major NYYC races
- A comprehensive bibliography
- A detailed index of names and places cited
- A unique and comprehensive detailed index of yachts cited 

Each copy of the current edition is numbered and signed by 

 the author.

Price for one copy : €170-- (one hundred and seventy euros)

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Mariette and the Herreshoff Schooners

Here is the captivating story of a long, magical cruise through time. It takes the reader on an exciting voyage of discovery aboard a remarkable yacht, the steel schooner Mariette, launched in 1916 and one of the last American yachting "cathedrals".

The reader will discover the secrets of this wonderful yacht, a vessel designed by the celebrated "Wizard of Bristol," Nathanael Greene Herreshoff, arguably the most brilliant and inventive naval architect of all time. Six consecutive victories in the America's Cup from 1893 to 1920 underline the outstanding talent of this larger-than-life character.

Mariette is a legendary boat and one of less than a handful of surviving major creations built by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company (HMCo) of Bristol, founded in 1878 by Nathanael Greene and his blind brother John Brown.

What is the secret behind the longevity of this yachting masterpiece? Of course, the talent and know-how of the steelworkers and riveters from Bristol played a major part, but there was also the commitment of Mariette's 17 owners and her intrepid captains. The passion of these women and men played a vital role in the yacht's survival - and continues to do so.

Included are testimonies from many of personalities who lived the adventure. They relate many until-now unknown and - sometimes chaotic - aspects of Mariette’s various lives. The story reveals why Mariette is still sailing today in a configuration virtually identical to that of 1916 and is accompanied by numerous plans and drawings.

Research for the book (and the story told) wasn't limited to Mariette alone. She was one of a small number of schooners designed and built by Herreshoff - and this book, illustrated with beautiful photography, looks at all of the members of this modest fleet.

During his long career, Nathanael Greene created a tiny number of schooners in relation to his total output. There were just 15, all but one built between 1903 and 1926.  Nine were steel (Mariette is part of that legendary set), three were composite and two were of wood.

So why so few schooners and what's the reason for the "Wizard of Bristol" converting less than a dozen of his sloops and cutters to schooners when so many rich yachtsmen wanted to sail under this rig? This tale tries to discover the reason and also offers a complete inventory of these yachts, along with the stories of what happened to them through their lives. The research behind the book makes it possible for the first time for anyone to see the original construction plans and sail plans of these marvelous vessels.

On entering the confines of the Wizard’s archives, another surprise awaits the passionate - a collection of unfulfilled schooner projects drawn between 1888 and 1938, the year of Nathanael death. These un-built schooners appear to show a hidden interest by this genius for a type of rig for which most evidence suggests he held no particular affection. Weird!

Herreshoff's legacy has fascinated many yachting lovers but none so much as the two enthusiasts who built Eleonora and Elena - full-size (and highly accurate) replicas of Westward.

In his preface, the American historian and Herreshoff specialist, Maynard Bray, confirms that this book "is one more important step" in understanding the work and thought processes of Nathanael Greene Herreshoff, "the genius we hold in such high regard."


…. is the fruit of a collective effort orchestrated by Jacques Taglang, a lifelong yachting enthusiast. Jacques centered his research on the Herreshoff Catalogue Raisonné Claas van der Linde's monumental compilation about Nathanael Greene Herreshoff and the work of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company work. Claas himself has closely followed Jacques’ research, helping him focus some of his development options and also providing additional information and useful corrections.

Many exceptional characters have helped compile the authentic story of Mariette:

Lou Boudreau, son of Mariette’s two-time owner, Canadian Walter Boudreau, who was her master between 1960 and 1963 and also from 1967 to 1974
Erik Pascoli, skipper of the schooner between 1975 and 1990 and the man who directed the rescue and first major restoration of the yacht
Tom Eaton, captain of the yacht between 1994 and 1997. He was responsible for the restitution of her original gaff schooner rig
Christopher Gartner, captain of the yacht between 1997 and 2002
Charlie Wroe, the current captain of the boat

We must also note the valuable contributions of:
John Lammerts van Bueren. He relates the story of Westward and her two replicas,Eleonora (2000) and Elena (2009)
Llewellyn Howland III. He brilliantly describes the art of sailing aboard large schooners at the time of Captain Nat
Luigi Lang. Not only did Luigi help in much of the research but he also prepared the study of the Universal and International rules.

Many other testimonies complete this saga, such as those of Tom PerkinsChris Gartner,Mike HorsleyJonathan MoneyJohn Clyde-Smith and Luther Dunton.

Photos illustrating the book include those by the talented photographer Nigel Pert who has followed Mariette for over 15 years. To these are added many vintage black and white pictures including those of Edwin LewickBeken of Cowes; the Peabody Essex Museum; theRochester Museum; and the Herreshoff Marine Museum; plus reproductions of two works by the English artist Jamie Medlin.

Kurt Hasselbalch - the curator of the Hart Nautical Collections of the MIT - has authorized the first publication of Herreshoff schooner construction and sail plans - 35 in all.

Finally, Maynard Bray, a leading specialist on the Herreshoffs, offers an illuminating text on methods of steel-hull building at the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, and has also written the preface to this landmark work.


Preface by Maynard Bray

PART ONE – Mariette: an exceptional classic yacht

Chapter 1. Mariette: her origin

Chapter 2. Mariette: the end of a marvelous era

Chapter 3. Francis Crowninshield’s obsession

Chapter 4. A wandering life: 1945-1994

Chapter 5. Erik Pascoli: the rebirth of Mariette

Chapter 6. Tom Perkins’ Mariette of 1915, 1994-2005: 11 years of passion

Chapter 7. Mariette: under full sail towards her 100th season

PART TWO – The Herreshoff schooners

Chapter 1. Rare first-generation schooners: 1867-1873

Sachem, 1853-54, centerboard schooner, James Herreshoff’s model
Sadie, 1867, centerboard schooner, John Brown Herreshoff’s model, Nathanael’s sail plan
Ianthe, 1870, keel schooner, John Brown Herreshoff’s model
Latona, 1872, keel schooner, Nathanael Greene Herreshoff’s model
Triton, 1872, centerboard schooner, modeled by Nathanael Greene and John Brown
Faustine, 1873, keel schooner, John Brown Herreshoff’s model
Le cas Zaidee, 1870, keel schooner

Chapter 2. Some conversions from sloops & cutters to schooners

The case of Ellen, 1888, centerboard sloop converted to schooner 1891
Corona ex-Colonia, 1893, keel sloop converted to schooner 1896, Nathanael Greene’s design
Rainbow, 1900, keel cutter probably converted to schooner in 1908, Newport One-Design Seventies, Nathanael Greene’s model
Irolita II, 1906, centerboard and keel cutter, converted to keel schooner in1907-1908, Nathanael Greene’s model
Irolita, ex-Istalena, 1907, keel cutter converted to schooner in 1915, New York Yacht Club Fifty-Seven Footers – NYYC 57 One-Design Class – Nathanael Greene’s model
Seneca, 1907, keel sloop converted to schooner in 1924, P-Class, Nathanael Greene’s model
Pleione, ex-Peerless, 1913, centerboard sloop converted to yawl 1923, then to schooner 1926, New York 50 One-Design Class, Nathanael Greene’s model
Venture, ex-Istalena, ex-Ventura, 1913, keel sloop converted to schooner in 1922, New York 50 One-Design Class, Nathanael Greene’s model
Resolute, 1914, keel and centerboard sloop converted to schooner 1925, Nathanael Greene’s model
Vixen II
, ex-Jessica, 1916, keel sloop converted to schooner in 1978, New York 40 One-Design Class, Nathanael Greene’s model

Chapter 3. The second-generation schooners, 1903-1926

1. The Nathanael Greene Herreshoff steel schooners, 1903-1923
Ingomar, 1903
Queen, 1906
Westward, 1910;  Eleonora, 2000
Elena, 1911;  2009: Elena is recreated
Vagrant, 1913 – 2nd with that name, known as big Vagrant
Katoura, 1913
Mariette, 1916
Ohonkara, 1920
Wildfire, 1923

2. The Herreshoff’s composite-built schooners, 1910-1926
Vagrant, 1910 – the first Vagrant
Haswell, 1915
Mary Rose, 1926

3. The two Captain Nat and A. Sidney DeWolf Herreshoff schooners built in wood by the HMCo
Harlequin, 1925
Rofa, 1926

Chapter 4. Sailing aboard big schooners in Captain Nat’s time

American yachting cathedrals: the Herreshoff schooners

Chapter 5. The unfulfilled projects: Nathanael Greene Herreshoff’s designs, 1886-1938


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